Sundance Mountain Stables Animal Rescue

"Because every animal deserves a loving home..."  

6 Programs SMSAR Offers:

 On-site Animal care

 Lost & Found


  Emergency Field Rescue


  Adult & Child Pet Care Education

  Volunteer programs: We have all kinds of volunteer oportunities for any age.  

Groups/Individuals that have come out and volunteered. Eagle scouts, Girl Scouts, Bank of America, Salem High school, Whitstone academy

If you would like to volunteer please call:864-903-3351 or email: for an interveiw.

PET CARE TIP OF THE DAY- The #1 way to prevent lost & injured pets is to have an ID tag on your pets collar at ALL times with phone number or chip your animals to ensure a quick & SAFE return should your beloved pet stray from you.  Always provide a safe fenced area for play and/or supervise your pets outings!  NEVER EVER chain a living creature!

HOT NEWS!!!  Please do not leave your pet in your car, most stores will allow animals in store as long as they are in a buggy or held. if it is real hot out side and you do take them in the store please make sure they are secure or contained in buggy. Do not allow them to run around! Legally they cannot say anything, all you have to say is call the humane society and lets see what they say. But to avoid any confrontation with police or store asscoiates please leave your animals at home.

  • Words to live by...Do unto others as you would have done onto you!

All proceeds go to benefit our furry little friends such as Vet bills, Housing, Feeding, Supplements, Kennel care, etc...

Please call for more information: Rita at: 864-903-3351